Nov 162015
Terrorist Attacks: J'étais Charlie, je suis Paris

There is no justification for terrorist attacks. None. Innocent lives, forever lost to misguided notions. What deity will exalt in the death of the blameless? My thoughts are with you. The fight continues.

Apr 272015
Spring is here!

… and so are various large Spring projects I’ve been laboring with for the last few months. I have already finished a few demanding projects and am about to close some others by 1st of June, so I’m already waiting for a vacation to recharge my batteries. As the last (and my first!) year was […]

Dec 282014
Merry Christmas!

I wish all my colleagues, partners and clients Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! May it be better than the last one but not as good as the one after that. 🙂   Your favorite English Estonian translator, the Alchemist

Sep 022014
Burst of knowledge from Käsmu

From 25-27 August, I had the pleasure of attending a translators’ summer school event in Käsmu, hosted by the Translators’ Section of Estonian Writers’ Union. Those 3 days were filled with engaging presentations, lively discussions, and loads of (literary) fun. I also made several new acquaintances both among established professionals and people bravely discovering the world […]

Aug 192014
It is ON!

The Alchemist’s new and shiny web home is now officially open. All the equipment has been cleaned, stocks have been replenished and the doormat is ready to greet clients old and new alike. To celebrate this joyous event, the Alchemist is offering a 10% discount (one per person/company) for the first job ordered (mention the […]

Jun 182014
Ready to launch!

Currently, Alchemist Translations is a one-man undertaking with the focus on accuracy, timely deliveries and competitive rates. The face of the business and translations is the Alchemist – an educated man giving his very best to make literary gold from your texts. My usual morning starts with a cup of coffee and responding to overnight correspondence. […]