Alchemists Clients

Though the Alchemist mainly deciphers texts regarding Marketing, IT, Technical, and European Union, he constantly experiments outside these areas as well. Have no fear about the consequences – the Alchemist never dabbles with tasks beyond his skills.

Since 2007, I’ve translated and edited texts for Adidas, AGA Gas, Bobcat, Braun, DS Smith, ExxonMobil, Gardena, Getinge, Gina Tricot, Google, Heinz, Hewlett-Packard, Honda, Husqvarna, Iveco, Jaguar, Jamie Oliver, Makita, McCulloch, McDonald’s, Medela, Merison’s, Michelin, Microsoft, Mölnlycke Health Care, Nikon, Partner, Peugeot, Polar, Pringles, PUMA, Radisson, Renault, Scania, Schwarzkopf, Siemens, Sports Direct, The Economist, TNT, Uber, Whiskas, Wrigley, YouTube, and various EU institutions.

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