Summer Days 2017 (ECEA)

Aug 1, 2017

This time, the Estonian Copy Editors’ Association held the summer days in Kolkja, Peipsimaa Visitor Centre. Our gracious hosts Kairi and Heiki introduced us to the local life and rich history of the building itself. After touring the house, the editors enjoyed a wonderful lunch of chicory soup, onion pasty, and samovar tea. The tea, especially, was quite an experience.

Mealtime was followed by a candle-making workshop. The results of yours truly:

After that, we started with the professional task of the event. Everyone got a copy of a 3-page news text and formed a pair with another editor. In 45 minutes, the duos analyzed and corrected the news text, making the best possible version out of it.

Then each pair found another pair, so quartets were formed, analyzing the changed made on the pair level. Meanwhile, editing workshop organizers moved among the quartets, taking note of the main points of changes. Later, everyone gathered around the projector and the whole text was discussed, sentence by sentence. Needless to say, the opinions on what to correct and what not to, were many 😉

The evening continued with a textile printing workshop, where everyone got to design their own shopping/shoe bag just the way they liked. My own stylish, yet minimalist masterpiece can be seen on the left. The summer days concluded with a dinner of smoked whitefish, potato-and-carrot salad, and bite cakes. All in all it was a wonderful day filled with new experiences and meeting good colleagues.